The Artist | Ashley McIsaac

My love for art started at a young age, with my interest in colours and creativity being shared by my grandmother. It wasn’t until adulthood that I truly understood the incredible gift of inspiration that she shared with me. Different life experiences and an ongoing journey through depression & anxiety have played a role in my artistic journey, making painting a passionate outlet that transforms into abstract visions and bold colours.

Raised in Camrose, Alberta, I spent my childhood and teenage years mostly drawing and colouring. In my senior year of high school, it was my first acrylic on canvas painting assignment that lit a fire in my soul, thus starting an ongoing journey of self discovery through intuitive art. Within a few years, I started to create paintings for my family and friends, which led to displaying and selling my work through a local merchant and the Camrose Art Walk.

Since moving to my new home of Spruce Grove in 2014, my journey of personal growth has been a winding road, with many lessons to be learned. I am ready to take a leap of faith and put myself and my art out there – what you put out into the universe, you get back.

You will currently find me working alongside Wes Leonard, a close friend and fantastic metal artist who is graciously spending some time teaching me the processes that go into designing and creating metal sculptures using the lost foam casting process. Following the same idea as my paintings, I take an intuitive approach to the sculpturing process, beginning with a blank page that becomes an intuitive sketch. This sketch is then used to design the foam cast for what will become a metal artwork.


Philosophy | Trust the Brush

Free-flowing and unplanned, my work always begins with a blank canvas. My creative process starts out as intuitive (trusting the brush) and takes on a direction at some point, leading to the addition of detail work to pull the painting together. This creates a truly unique experience and outcome for every painting when combined with music. Trust the music, trust yourself, and let go.




Style | Abstract

Using acrylics and mixed media, my style is abstract and intuitive by nature, with bold colours and endless possibilities. The main component involved in my painting process is music. Listening to music has always been a part of my life and I express the emotions/messages from music using shapes and colour, rather than words. Using a variety of music and colour choices results in a different painting experience every time. I enjoy music of many varieties and have learned that it is impossible for me to only like one genre.  My musical inspirations range from country and classic rock, to indie and contemporary. Some of my most loved musicians include Elton John, Sia, Michael Jackson, Coleman Hell & more.

“Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes….Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite. It is the emancipation of the mind. It is an exploration into unknown areas.”

-Arshile Gorky